Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

Last Modified: January 1st, 2017

This Acceptable Use Policy governs your use of the Entrecloud web hosting service and associated software / applications (hereinafter “Service”). By accessing or using the Service, you are acknowledging and accepting this Acceptable Use Policy. This Acceptable Use Policy is subject to change by Entrecore LLC (hereinafter “COMPANY” and “We”) at any time and at our discretion without notice.

Your use of the Service after any changes are implemented constitutes your acceptance of the changes. As a result, we encourage you to consult the Acceptable Use Policy each time you use this web site and/or the Service.

Any violation of this Acceptable Use Policy may result in immediate termination of your account by COMPANY.


Users of the Service are strictly prohibited from the activities described below that are a violation of one or more laws.

A. CAN-SPAM Act Violations

You are strictly prohibited from performing any act that is made illegal by the CAN-SPAM Act. You are also prohibited from sending bulk email that utilizes resources on the Service unless you maintain a double-authorized list of subscribers including IP addresses and relevant contact information, along with following CAN-SPAM act guidelines for including removal links with all emails that are sent.

Furthermore, you are strictly prohibited from taking any action that would cause your IP address, or any address associated with COMPANY or COMPANY’s server(s) or other customers of COMPANY, from being black-listed by

COMPANY may report spam, along with all spammer’s identifying information, to the Federal Trade Commission and other agencies for civil and criminal prosecution. COMPANY may require changes or disable any website, account, database, or other component that does not comply with our policies, or make modifications in an emergency that we deem necessary at our sole discretion. COMPANY may also charge the holder of the account that was used to send any type of unsolicited e-mail a cleanup fee or any charges allowed for blacklist removal at COMPANY’s sole discretion. For the purpose of this Acceptable Use Policy, SPAM is defined as emailing ANYONE unsolicited email, emailing in bulk, and the purchasing and selling of email lists. COMPANY reserves the right to terminate the account of any User who sends out spam or violates this SPAM policy with or without notice.

COMPANY reserves the sole discretion in determining whether an email violation has occurred. Any violation you make of this policy may result in the immediate termination of your hosting account.

B. Intellectual Property Violations

You are strictly prohibited from violating the intellectual property rights of others in your use of the Service.

If you believe that your intellectual property rights are being infringed upon, please email
. For copyright infringement claims, COMPANY follows the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) notice and takedown procedures. A list of the required information to submit a copyright infringement claim can be found in the Privacy Policy

C. Export Violations

You are responsible for complying with all applicable export and import control laws and regulations in your use of the Service. You shall not use the Service to export or re-export software or data without having all of the required licenses from the United States and foreign government agencies. You agree and understand that you are legally responsible for any and all access and use of the Service from outside the United States, including understanding that such use may be considered the export of technology and data that may trigger such export regulations. If any such export regulation is required, you are solely responsible for obtaining the license at your own expense. You agree to indemnify and hold COMPANY harmless from any and all claims and damages that may arise related thereto.

D. Violations of Other Laws

You are strictly prohibited from violating any other state, federal, or international laws related to your usage of the Service. You agree to comply with all applicable state, federal and other laws relating to your usage of the Service and with any information you upload or transmit through the Service, or that is uploaded or transmitted through your account using the Service.


You are strictly prohibited from using the Service for or uploading to our servers the following types of scripts, content, or information:

  • Content that violates any state, federal, or other applicable laws
  • Content that promotes illegal activities or products, such as illegal substances, contraband, weapons, or child pornography
  • Content that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of COMPANY or any third party.
  • Scripts or content that creates a botnet or serves as the source of any malicious attack
  • Scripts or content that scrapes data from others unlawfully
  • Content related to lotteries or gambling
  • Content that offers investment opportunities (such as FOREX, E-Gold Exchange, Ponzi Scheme, etc.)
  • Content related to PayDay Loan Sites
  • Fraudulent Sites (Including, but not limited to sites listed at &
  • Scripts or content that provide commercial banner-ad rotation services to others
  • Content that links to or distributes illegal/pirated content
  • Scripts or content that serve as IRCD (irc servers)
  • Scripts or content that support anonymous or Bulk SMS Gateways
  • Scripts or content that provide IP Scanners
  • Scripts or content that provide commercial audio streaming to more than one stream
  • Scripts or content that send SPAM email messages
  • Scripts or content that are related to hacking
  • Scripts or content related to the sale of any controlled substance without prior proof of appropriate permit(s)
  • Scripts or content that authorize file dumping or mirroring (such as rapidshare)
  • Any other types of scripts or content not otherwise listed specifically above that is commonly known for being resource intensive or damaging to web hosts


You agree that the following actions are strictly prohibited and will result in immediate termination:

  • Any action that places an unreasonable burden on the server hosting the Service
  • Any action that interferes with the running of this Service
  • Any attempt to gain unauthorized access to any portion of the Service
  • Impersonating another individual or company in your usage or content submitted through the Service
  • Running any bit torrent application or tracker
  • Running or participating in any peer-to-peer/file-sharing activities
  • Any other action not otherwise listed specifically above that is commonly known for being intentionally disruptive or damaging to web hosts