Our Story

A few years ago I was running a tech consulting business.

Making our customer’s websites scale, making their sites run faster and automating their businesses.

…but the business wasn’t sustainable doing these one-off fixes for people.

The was some key piece of the business that was illuding me.

I kept going to conferences, looking for answers until a chance encounter led me to the solution.

Sometimes you find the answers in the strangest of places…

The Shot of Whisky That Changed Everything

I found myself in Sedona, Arizona (said strange place)

The night before Eben Pagan’s Metamind conference was set to begin.

At the Enchantment resort bar of all places. (really swanky place you should check it out)

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a curious guy sitting alone at the bar.

Hey perfect opportunity to make a new friend, so I walk over and buy the guy a shot of whisky.

Come to find out this guy, Henry, was the CTO of the biggest fitness channel on youtube.

Six Pack Shortcuts. (Remeber the buff Asian guy following you around with youtube ads? Yeah that was them.)

Needless to say, we hit it off like two nerds do. And in our conversation, I expressed my FRUSTRATION

that my business model wasn’t working.

I told him how so many people are losing money from their slow websites and they don’t even know it.

I expressed my dismay at the fact that intelligent entrepreneurs are flushing money down the toilet because they don’t know what they don’t know. I had basically poured my heart out while he patiently listened.

I’ll never forget the one sentence that he said to me over that shot of whisky that led me down a

totally new path.

“…Dude, you should start a hosting company.”

When he said that it hit me like a ton of bricks, this was it, this was the SOLUTION!

I was reeling, my head spinning with ideas. It made so much sense, build a platform for entrepreneurs like us that solves ALL of the problems that we face with our tech. Not to mention that we had tried every other hosting company for our clients over the years and they all sucked…

So I did what any good entrepreneur would do when they found a hole in the market…

Build a solution! So that’s exactly what we did!

Over the next 6 or 7 months, we built a hosting platform that:

-Make sites faster so they rank higher in google and so their customers love them

-Make their sites scale to infinity automatically so they won’t crash if they show up on Oprah tomorrow

-Make it SO easy and DEAD simple to use so they don’t need a developer every time they need to change something

-Migrate all of their sites for free with no downtime so they don’t have to worry about a complicated transition

-Make the security and the customer support better than anything else out there

Entrecloud was born!

Ever since we have been working on the platform, making it better and building other tools for Entrepreneurs.

-Austin Felton

Founder – Entrecloud