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No Disallowed Plugins or Scripts

Frustrated that you can’t use your favorite WordPress plugins or scripts? Take back your freedom to customize your site with Entrecloud.

We Manage DNS

Ever get a surprise email that you have to update some random settings to prevent your site from going down? Not with Entrecloud.

Built to Scale

Do you really want to think about traffic spikes the day of your TED Talk? When the Instagram influencer randomly raves about your product? Entrecloud is built to have you ready for any occasion.

Automatic Backups Every 6 Hours

Did a contractor break something? Send us a message we’ll revert your site back to a previous version within an hour. Bad contractor. BAD!

Your Site: 20-30% Faster

We’ve built the WordPress hosting platform that pushes performance to an entirely new level. Faster sites also happen to increase your ranking in all the major search engines. So, yeah, that’s a good thing.

24/7 Uptime Scanner

Sleep easy at night knowing that your site(s) are constantly being monitored for outages and issues. Consider it one less item on your very full entrepreneur plate. Check our uptime status now: Entrecloud Web LLC

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Entrecloud has been a valued hosting partner for years to me and my clients. They are spot on when it comes to security, speed and dev tools, and they also have the human side covered with an amazing support team.

David Gonzolas


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    As many of the important ones that we could fit.

    Not sure just what your business needs.  No worries. We will help you out. Even if you do choose a plan that is too big or small.  We will automatically scale it. So you don’t have to worry about wasting resources.

    We love capital efficient entrepreneurs. If you are paying annually you will receive a discount of

    As a managed WP host Entrecloud is there to take the pain points from performance and stability.  The technical stuff. Off of your hands. We want you to get back to doing what you love. Growing your business.


    Managed Security, Managed Backups, Managed

    If you find yourself in between plans.  Don’t worry it scales automatically. If you scale from a spike and don’t use it.  We will roll that over to the next month. You always have what you need available. Your business never misses an opportunity

    emptyTransparent pricing means you never have a charge sneak up on you.

    Listen you probably have some questions all your own.  You can check out our resource base or Go ahead and get in touch.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    As a managed WordPress host Entrecloud is built to eliminate pain points from site performance and stability: Managed Security, Managed Backups, Managed Updates, Expert Support. We take the technical stuff off of your hands so that you can get back to doing what you love: Growing your business.

    When we built Entrecloud we had security as our top priority. Rest easy knowing that your site will be safe – especially from WordPress specific attacks.
    You’ll have 6 layers of comprehensive security:
    • Automated Malware Scanner with Cleanup
    • Advanced WAF (Web Application Firewall) with Machine-Learning Ruleset
    • Intrusion Detection and Protection
    • Proactive Defense for PHP Websites
    • Software Patch Management
    • WebShield with Integrated CAPTCHA
    You’ll also get 4x daily offsite backups so you’re data will be safe in any event.

    We guarantee you’ll have the fastest technology available. Every aspect of Entrecloud’s platform has been optimized to turbo-charge WordPress performance. We’ve further tuned Litespeed’s already blazing performance to get your site loaded FAST.

    If you’re experiencing slower speeds with your current host, it’s time to make the switch.

    GT Metrix speed test
    Seriously. We went full-obsessive to make sure our platform stays online. Check out our public status monitor. We’re proud to show you what’s behind our tech curtain. Come at us, bro. (Sorry, that must be the espresso talking)

    Our sole focus is hosting for entrepreneurs. We understand that business owners require their sites be kept safe, backed up, blazing fast, and ready to scale.

    We also understand that most entrepreneurs are focused on their business NOT on becoming a server admin or a developer. That’s why we provide FREE migrations, instant SSL encryption, easy to use staging environments for testing, and one click seamless publishing when you’re site is ready for an update.

    As entrepreneurs ourselves, we also understand the value of transparent pricing. At entrecloud you’ll never be surprised by a hidden cost or an unexpected charge.We’ve also built our platform to give your developers full access to cPanel and SSH – no limitations.

    And when you need assistance with your hosting package, you’ll have expert support from our team 24/7 via email, chat, and phone.

    Absolutely. Once you sign up with Entrecloud, you’re site(s) will be migrated at no extra charge.

    It can be painful to move a WordPress site. We know your business needs to keep functioning. You’ve invested in your site and don’t need any errors or headaches. We get it. Relax and let our team do the work.

    At Entrecloud we offer a wide variety of plans to accomodate a variety of customer needs. We also offer plenty of additional options including fully customized hosting solutions. If your site has a unique set of hosting requirements, fill out this form and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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