Tech for Dev

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Automatic scaling based on traffic

More traffic? No problem! We’ll just throw in a couple of servers to handle it! Why would you need to worry about that?

No WordPress Plugin Restrictions

We put great effort into compatibility! All your plugins will work with us! If not, we’ll investigate for free!

SFTP for secure access to your files

All your access is secured using the state-of-the-art SFTP over SSH protocol. No more insecure FTP logins!

One Single Unified Login for Everything

One single login for WordPress, SFTP/SSH and MySQL for you and your team! Use the one-click invite and you’re set!

Complete Containerization

All your sites live in a secure, containerized environment with no access to other sites.

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Host your sites close to your customers! Geo-specific hosting allows us to move your site where your visitors browse from, making your page lightning fast!